Payroll Direct Deposit


direct deposit


Direct Deposit for Pro Series:

Easily create a standard ACH (NACHA) file to send to the bank of your choosing.  Strong Software Direct Deposit is run from the Custom Menu so there is no modification necessary to the Pro series program.

The Strong Software Direct Deposit programs do NOT require Pro's EFT module. The install is quick, easy and painless.

With the optional "live" check capability, you may print a live check to employees that also have direct deposit. This is an important feature for those companies that have employees with garnished wages. The garnished portion goes into direct deposit and the balance is given to the employee as a check.

Price: $495


Direct Deposit for Vision Point Series:

Put an "*" in the employee's Code field, and the employee is marked for Direct Deposit! Separate Check Sequence saves check stock and makes reporting easy.

Price: $495 (VP)